Dressing Wear Time – Addressing Factors That Impact Long-Term Wound Dressing Application

Treatment of chronic non-healing wounds in the United States costs an estimated $50 billion each year and is on the rise due to the increasing prevalence of wounds. 

Contributing factors to treatment expense is the cost of care delivery including wound dressing supplies and nursing staff time on dressing change procedures. 

This white paper discusses the impact of dressing wear time on outcomes, patient comfort, and costs associated with routine dressing changes. The value of wound dressing applications using medical adhesives with longer wear time are presented to improve healing, reduce resource expenses and address complications associated dressing failure and patient compliance. 

Dressing Wear Time White Paper

In this white paper, health care professionals will learn: 

  • What the common issues associated with dressing wear time are and how they impact infection prevalence, patient outcomes and the cost of treatment
  • The primary components of effective wound dressing application, maintaining the wound environment, dressing adhesion and patient comfort 
  • How Hy-Tape, a leading surgical adhesive with extended wear time, can help make wound dressings last longer and more effective, supporting patient comfort and reducing costs

This paper is generally written for wound care clinicians and purchasing directors with an interest in product solutions. This paper was developed by an independent third party and was written with nurses and in mind as a key audience. 

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